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Share Twin Room (Price Per Bed)

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Single Room (Single Bed) Standard

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Queen Room Standard

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Property Information

Albert Lodge Gisborne NZ
+64 6 281 0625
17 Albert Street
Te Hapara, Gisborne Gisborne 4010 New Zealand

Albert Lodge Gisborne NZ

Albert Lodge is a 30 room, 40 bed mid to long term accommodation provider, and will be the first choice for adult students wishing to attend the Local Educational Institute (EIT), or other educational places of learning, in Gisborne on the east coast of New Zealand
Mid or long term accommodation is also available for seasonal workers, backpackers, or tradespeople requiring shorter term, cost effective accommodation or home stays in Gisborne.
Albert Lodge offers single and twin share rooms, which have been completely refurbished and carpeted, toilets and showers brand new, with cubicles made with anti-bacteria panels. Beds and bedding are also new as are the two and three seat sofas and tub chairs in the spacious Lounge.
Continental breakfast and evening meals are available from the modern commercial Kitchen.
Wireless Internet availability ensures you stay in touch with family and friends and the fibre optics cabling to all bedrooms offers quick, unlimited data for which a modest charge applies.
Enjoy time out relaxing in the park like 1.9 acres with established trees and shrubs including oranges and mandarins, whilst enjoying the 2,200 sunshine hours that Gisborne enjoys on average per annum.

Property Features

  1. Broadband Internet Access
  2. Wheel Chair Access
  3. WIFI (additional Cost)
  4. Free Parking
  5. Guest Laundry

Accommodation Details

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Share Twin Room (Price Per Bed) Book

Recently reburbished Share Twin Room has brand new single beds including pillows, sheets and duvet.Also work desk, double wordrobe with drawers, WiFi and unlimited Fibre to all the rooms (monthly charge $20). Weekly Laundry charge @ $12 per month for Sheets pillow cases and towels. Onsite Laundry for personal items @ $3.00 per wash.
Our resouce consent doesnt permit alcohol or drugs to be consumed or used on the property and unfortunatley pets are not permitted.The on site Manager provides a get you home service from the wonderful restaurants,cafes and pubs within Gisborne CBD, should it be required. (Condition apply)
Continental breakfasts and evening meals prepared at a cost comparable with the cost of a hamburger, and provided by an aclaimed chef,Wendy Bennett, are available from the full commercial kitchen.
Ample car parking, and lovely 7,700m2 of grassed grounds with mature trees and shrubs in which to relax and enjoy your leisure time.

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Single Room (Single Bed) Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

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Queen Room Standard Book

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Terms & Conditions

House Rules
1. Resident and guest behaviour: The resident and their guests must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other residents and neighbours, both inside and outside of the buildings;

2. Maintenance of rooms: The resident must maintain and conduct themselves in their room in a manner that does not create a fire and/or health hazard;

3. Damage. The resident must not intentionally or recklessly damage or destroy any part of their room or facilities in the building

4. Common areas: These may include a television room, lounge, reading room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, driveway, or grounds. The residents must take reasonable steps to make sure the common areas and their facilities are used in a safe, manner and kept clean and in good repair and must ensure they, and their guests, leave common areas neat, clean and tidy after use. Consideration is to be shown to other users of the facilities;

5. Guests: The resident must make sure their guests are aware of, and follow, the house rules, and must vacate the premises by 9 p.m;

6. Access to resident’s room: Entry to another residents room is only permitted with the express permission of the resident, and all permitted persons must take reasonable steps to ensure the resident’s quiet enjoyment of their room;

7. Door locks and keys: The resident must not tamper with (or change) a door lock or key for any lock on the property, or make copies of keys without the Managers written permission;

8. Animals: Regrettably no pets are permitted on the property

9. Parking of Bicycle’s and vehicles: Car parking is only to be in the area marked specifically at the rear of the building whilst bicycles are to be stored in the shed as provided. Residents are responsible for the security of their vehicle or bicycle;

10. Use of cars and bicycles: Consideration and care is to be shown at all times when riding a bicycle or driving a car within the property and extra consideration and care is to be taken when approaching and using the Albert Street right of way at all times. Any speed in a vehicle more than a crawl in the right of way area will be considered an offence. No high revving of a car engine will be tolerated whether the vehicle is moving or stationary. Wheel spinning is prohibited .

11. Outside activities: Residents and visitors attention is drawn to the fact that the property has neighbours on all boundaries. In many cases the neighbours may have a different understanding to that of residents of the Albert Lodge, as to what is a reasonable noise level. It is of the utmost importance that the neighbours privacy and quiet enjoyment of the environment is to be protected at all times. It must be taken aboard that sound carries, and no amplified music is to be played out in the grounds. Management are instructed to issue a warning to any resident, or groups of residents or visitor, where it is considered by the manager that noise levels in the grounds are excessive, and should the offending continue, order the resident or group inside the lodge building or off the property in the case of a visitor. It is strongly recommended that within the building that any sound emitting device is listened too with head phones. Not complying with a managers ruling will be considered an offence. Repeated offending will lead to an application to the tenancy tribunal to terminate the tenancy;

12. Security: The security monitoring system is installed to ensure as far as practical the early detection of possible breaches of security and to ensure a safe environment for all occupants. Under no circumstances is the system to be interfered with.

13. Drugs, smoking and Alcohol: Drugs and alcohol are not permitted to be consumed or used on the property. Smoking or gathering is not permitted within the front entrance area roundabout or main entrance and under eaves areas of the building or close proximity to neighbouring boundaries, or driveways Breach of this rule will be an offence. Should a manager suspect abuse of this rule, the resident if in denial, will be required to undergo a test by an appropriate expert in the drug and alcohol detection field and in the event of a positive finding the tenancy may be cancelled.

14. Immediate Termination of occupancy. The Manager may action Immediate Termination in any case where:

• Rent has not been paid in full on due date
• The resident has caused or threatened to cause damage to the premises
• The resident has assaulted or threatened to assault the manager or any appointed officials or another resident
• The resident has any firearms or dangerous weapons on the premises

15. The owners and managers have created an environment which offers economical lodgings but the secret of how enjoyable your stay lies with YOU and ALL residents. A few tips for an enjoyable stay are;

START THE DAY WITH A SMILE (Its amazing how contagious it is)

Payment Policy

Two weeks Bond and Two weeks rent in advance for long term stays

Cancellation Policy

Minimun of 24 hours to cancel a booking.

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