Anstey Spare room

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Deluxe Queen Standard

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Anstey Spare room
7, 216 Albion Street
Brunswick Victoria 3056 Australia

Anstey Spare room

The Spare room is a ground floor mini-apartment consisting of a bedroom and ensuite. It is for the amenity of residents’ friends and family only. In essence, it’s a spare bedroom for your visitors.

It includes a bed, linen, towels and cleaning/bathrooms products, internet and wifi and a general good time vibe.

The Guest House is administered by a guest house committee. To keep it cheap and easy, we will all look after the space, keep it clean and be neighbourly about it.

Guests will be charged to stay in the Guest House – revenue will cover running and cleaning costs, including reserve funds for repairing and replacing anything that breaks, or making necessary improvements.

Note: The Guest House cannot legally be run as a profit-making enterprise as an OC may not run a business, so proceeds come back into the building for the purpose of offsetting the costs of running and furnishing the space.

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Anstey Spare room

Deluxe Queen Standard

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  • Sleeps 2

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