Tempo Inn

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Property Information

Tempo Inn
RoomD-­G , 1/F, David Mansion, 93­103 Woosung Stre
Jordan Hong Kong * Hong Kong

Jordan is place loved by many tourists and Hong Kongers, where you can find the most vibrant and traditional cuture in Hong Kong. Located right next to Temple Street, Tempo Inn is surrounded by great local foods and entertainment. Everynight stalls are set up on the street, the Dai Pai Dongs (tradition style of Hong Kong restaurant) open on the sidewalk - putting together the lovely picture of Hong Kong's busyness.

Our Inn are themed with a range of music elements. The western and eastern music instruments in the lobby and the rooms, the posters of famous English rock band, the piano deco on the wall, the song you can hear when you first step in...... We hope to impress you with every little details about music and tempo.

To create the extraordinary experience with music, each room are given a distinct theme including Clasical music, Tropical music, English Rock and the Hong-Kong-featured Canto Pop. Music is the universal language no matter where you come from. Either you can sing in a hall or in a bathroom, you will start to love this place.

Property Features

  1. Free WiFi
  2. TV
  3. Lift / Elevator
  4. Non-Smoking Property
  5. Air-Conditioning

Accommodation Details

Tempo Inn

Single Room 單人房

Single Room 單人房 Book

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Tempo Inn

Basic Double Room 基本雙人大床房

Basic Double Room 基本雙人大床房 Book

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Tempo Inn

Superior Double Room 高級雙人大床房

Superior Double Room 高級雙人大床房 Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Double Bed
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Wireless Internet

Tempo Inn

Twin Room 雙床房

Twin Room 雙床房 Book

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Tempo Inn

Triple Room 三人房

Triple Room 三人房 Book

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Terms & Conditions

Non-office hour Check-in / Check-out
- Our reception opens from 12:00 to 18:00 daily. Should you require non-office hour check-in or check-out, please contact us by email (info@tempoinn.com) or by phone (852) 6212 4550.

- In case you encounter any ad-hoc issue, like flight delay, and makes you check-in after office hour, no worry. Please check your mobile or email box. We will send you the special arrangement by SMS/ Instant Message,like What's App or email. For any urgent matter, please call us on (852) 6212 4550.

Payment Policy

All outstanding payment (if any) should settled before arrival.

Cancellation Policy

All booking is non-refundable, non-transferrable and no amendment.

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