Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park

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Property Information

Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park
07 4097 0136
RN 16018 Innot Hot Springs
Innot Hot Springs QLD 4872 Australia

Nestled in the heart of Far North Queensland, the charming town of Innot Hot Springs is home to a lovely natural hot spring, just waiting to relax your senses. And what’s even better? The Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park is your perfect stop, located right alongside Nettle Creek, where the magic of this natural spring comes to life. Conveniently located on the famous Kennedy Highway, our park is the perfect midpoint between the towns of Ravenshoe and Mt Garnet. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a curious explorer, come on over and let the good times flow!

Property Features

  1. Outdoor Swimming Pool
  2. Garden
  3. Cafe
  4. Indoor Swimming Pool
  5. Pet friendly
  6. Guest Laundry
  7. Camp Kitchen
  8. Free Parking

Accommodation Details

Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park

Powered Sites

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Standard rates for this site

  • Sleeps 6

  1. Separate toilet area
  2. Separate tub or shower
  3. Laundry Facilities

Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park

Unpowered Sites

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Standard rates for this room

  • Sleeps 6

Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park

Standard Room

Standard Room Book

Standard rates for this room

Please note Pets are not able to stay in our on site accommodation (self-contained and standard rooms) as per our Pet Policy:

  • Sleeps 3

  1. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  2. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  3. Bottled water
  4. Tea/Coffee Making
  5. Linen and Towels Provided
  6. Fire extinguishers
  7. Bathroom amenities
  8. Shared Bathroom Facilities
  9. Television
  10. Electric kettle
  11. Air conditioned
  12. Blackout curtain
  13. Ceiling Fans
  14. Laundry Facilities
  15. Outdoor furniture
  16. Fresh Milk
  17. Separate toilet area
  18. Swimming Pool

Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park

Self Contained Rooms

Self Contained Rooms Book

Standard rates for this room

Please note Pets are not able to stay in our on site accommodation (self-contained and standard rooms) as per our Pet Policy:

  • Sleeps 5

  1. Plates and bowls
  2. Full kitchen
  3. Silverware/utensils
  4. Television
  5. Electric kettle
  6. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  7. Bathroom
  8. Sitting area
  9. Toaster
  10. Entire property on ground floor
  11. Fire extinguishers
  12. Bathroom amenities
  13. Kitchen
  14. Linen and Towels Provided
  15. Outdoor furniture
  16. Pots and pans
  17. Heated pool
  18. Kitchenware
  19. Dining room seats
  20. Outdoor space
  21. Air conditioned
  22. Bottled water
  23. Stove top
  24. Dining Setting
  25. Oven
  26. Free Toiletries
  27. Shower only
  28. Lamp
  29. Disabled Room
  30. Extra adult charge
  31. Fresh Milk
  32. Ceiling Fans
  33. Swimming Pool
  34. Dish-cleaning supplies
  35. Extra child charge
  36. Fridge - Fullsize
  37. Instant hot water
  38. Tea/Coffee Making
  39. Microwave
  40. Pantry

Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park

Powered Sites - Solo Traveller

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  • Sleeps 1

  1. Separate toilet area
  2. Separate tub or shower
  3. Laundry Facilities

Innot Hot Springs Caravan & Leisure Park

Unpowered Sites - Solo Traveller

Unpowered Sites - Solo Traveller Book

  • Sleeps 1

Terms & Conditions

RECEPTION HOURS – MONDAY TO SUNDAY 9AM – 5PM (public holidays may vary)


All Rooms
Check in 2pm
Check out 10am

Check in 12pm
Check out 10am

## Site Allocations
Preferred sites are not guaranteed and may be changed at the discretion of the Park management without prior notice. Park management reserves the right to cancel or amend any bookings.

Site allocation will be made according to the dimensions of your caravan. Guests are not permitted to erect clotheslines or hammocks on any park infrastructure. This includes between trees, fences, power poles, railings etc.

The use of ground outside your designated site size is not permitted. Please do not tie tent ropes, clotheslines or hammocks to fencing or any park infrastructure.

## Pool Area
Our pools are open for park guests 6am – 10pm. Wristbands must be worn within this private park. Refusal to do so may mean removal from the private park. Pool towels are available upon request from Reception. Do not use room towels in the pool. There are 6 thermal pools. Please no glass or alcohol in the pool area. Topless and nude sunbathing is not permitted. Children are required to be always supervised by an adult. Ensure that you move frequently through the thermal pools as to avoid dehydration. Keep up your fluid intake.

Day swim visitors 9am -5pm (vary on public holidays)

## Toilet Block
There is an amenities block located in the centre of the park that is available 24 hours for park guests. Amenities include separate men's and ladies’ toilets and showers. At various times the toilets are closed for cleaning. Please leave these facilities in a neat and tidy manner and ensure that young children are accompanied and supervised whilst using the amenities block.

## Pets
Our Park is pet friendly for those using powered/unpowered sites; our rooms are not. Strictly no pets permitted in rooms. Additional cleaning costs ($200) will be incurred if pets are found to be in rooms. Pets are required to be on a leash within the park grounds. Ensure you clean up after your pet. Pets are not permitted in communal kitchen areas, toilets, laundry, or the pool area. Except for service dogs.
Full Pet Policy at

## Laundry
Laundry is provided at the rear of the toilet block. All washes $4. Powder available from vending machine located in the laundry room or reception. A clothesline is provided at the end of the amenities block.

## Housekeeping Room Servicing
Is available daily on request. Please let reception on check-in know if you require any housekeeping services, fresh linen, or any additional amenities during your stay.

## Keys
Please return keys to reception on checkout, alternatively in the box located outside reception. Any lost keys will incur a $50 charge.

## Security
While the Park Managers do their best to ensure a safe and secure environment, we do recommend that visitors to the park take the precaution of securing items of value left outside their tent, caravan, or room during the day and overnight. Your property is your responsibility. No refunds or reimbursements will be provided for loss or damage. Management accepts no responsibility for any damage loss or theft.

## Smoking/Vaping
Smoking / Vaping is Prohibited Inside all Our Rooms/ Common Areas – Smoking is not permitted in any of our accommodation or in any of the buildings, common areas, the pool area, if you smoke in accommodation there is a cleaning fee of $200. No smoking withing 5 metres of buildings. Please respect other guests when outside of your room.

## Campfires
Campfires are permitted on powered/unpowered sites only using a firepit provided. It is your responsibility to ensure it is controlled and fully extinguished upon departure. Firewood is available from reception. Management reserves the right to prohibit ALL campfires at any time without prior notice.
Strictly no campfires permitted anywhere near buildings. Fines apply.

## Maximum Occupancy
Camp Sites - 6 adults
The number of people accommodated in each room must not exceed the number of beds available. Standard Room 3, Self contained 5

Each tariff listed is for up to two (2) persons. Additional persons must be booked prior to arrival, otherwise entry may be denied. At no time during the stay is the number of guests to exceed the number booked, unless prior approval is sought and given by management, along with all the relevant fees paid. Any person exceeding the registered occupancy of the site will be considered a trespasser and will be asked to leave.

## Vehicles
Only one car is included in your booking. Additional vehicles/trailers/boats will need to be parked out the front of the park.

## Generators
The running of generators is prohibited in the park.

## Power Leads
Power leads must be 10/15amp and neatly placed on your powered site.

## Noise Curfew
A noise curfew is in place after 10pm and till 7am This establishment is a tranquil environment, don’t ruin that. Management has a ZERO tolerance policy for obnoxious and/or inconsiderate guests. Personal sound systems not to be operated before 8am and after 8pm

## Visitors
Visitors are welcome whilst you are present on site. You are responsible for your guest's behavior at all times. All visitors to the park who want to use the park's facilities (eg. pool, showers, etc) or stay overnight must first be registered with the office and any fees paid for. All guest's vehicles must be parked outside in the car park.

## Maintenance
If you find anything at your site that is not in working order, please contact reception or a member of staff.

## Hot Spas Cafe
We have an onsite café offering coffees and a small takeaway menu. Check reception for operating days and times.

## Rubbish
Please place rubbish in the bins provided. A recycling option is also provided.

## Camp Kitchen
A camp kitchen Is provided for your convenience. Please leave it clean and remove all rubbish for other guests to enjoy.

## Dump point
The dump point Is available at the rear of amenities block. Please dispose of all waste in dump point and NOT in toilets. Please leave the area clean after use.

## Evacuation Procedure
Please familiarize yourself with the Emergency Evacuation Procedures displayed in the communal areas around the park.

## Extending your stay
If you are considering extending your stay, please speak to someone at Reception prior to your scheduled departure date. Though you are welcome to extend your stay in our park, we can only guarantee your cabin or site to the departure date shown on your booking.

## Upon Arrival
All visitors to the park must report to the office and sign in on arrival.

## Payments
Payment of total outstanding amounts is due at the time of check-in unless arrangements have been made with management prior to arrival.

## House Rules
Disturbance including but not limited to excessive noise, intoxication and loud music is prohibited with a 10:00pm curfew. If a complaint is received, a first warning will be given. If a second complaint is received, this may result in an eviction with no refund. Poor behaviour, such as foul language, will not be tolerated at any time, and will result in immediate eviction with no refund. Failure to comply with the Park Rules will affect a guest's option to rebook at any time.

We ask Guests and Invitees of guests respect the needs of others and behave in a manner which is conducive to the safety, comfort, and convenience of other guests. A breach of House Rules includes:
1. Noisy, offensive and/or unruly behaviour
2. Damage to or destruction of property will incur a fee. This will be charged at repair or replacement costs.
3. Stolen items – Any missing property will incur a replacement fee.
4. A full list of house rules is located at Reception.

Failure to comply will result in all guests being removed and no refunds.

## Tariff changes
The tariffs listed on our website are an indication of what you can expect to pay, we do though reserve the right to alter tariffs appearing on our website at any time. Please call or use the book now button to get the most accurate quote.

## Park Annual Break
The Park is closed from 24th December and re-opens 10 am 2nd January each year.
Please Note:
The park is closed Christmas Day. There will be no staff in the office and no check-ins.
The Park is closed New Years Day. There will be no staff in the office and no check-ins.
The Park is closed Good Friday. There will be no staff in the office and no check-ins.

## Other booking conditions:
Guests who fail to arrive on the designated day without notification will forfeit the costs of the unused nights and the booking cancelled.
No refunds for early departures.
If you already checked in and you change your mind there is no refund
Refunds will not be given should the customer deem the weather unappealing for their visit.
Refunds will not be given to events out of the parks control.
Park management reserves the right to relocate or cancel any booking at its discretion.
Name on the reservation must be the same as the credit cardholder’s name and same individual must check-in for the stay.
All guests must be declared at time of booking. An additional charge applies per additional guest staying. Maximum capacity applies to all accommodation and must not be exceeded. Those exceeding maximum capacity limits may be requested to leave.

## Persons under 18
Persons under 18 (or persons on their behalf) are not permitted to make reservations.
All guests under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a responsible adult such as a parent, stepparent, guardian, or other adult who has parental rights and responsibilities for the underage guests. Any persons found under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a responsible adult, may have their reservation cancelled with full booking amount forfeited. We reserve the right to cancel any of these types of reservations.

## Check In
Please note that you will be asked to present upon check in, the credit card including the CCV number you provided when making your reservation together with matching photo identification. Car registration (if applicable) and sign the guest registration forms.

Payment Policy

Full Payment is required at time of booking.

Payment constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, and the Park Rules.

Where a guest has made a reservation under a special offer or discount, no further offers or discounts will be applied to that reservation.

Bookings are limited to twelve (12) months in advance.

Bookings are subject to availability and pricing at the time of booking.

Payment Methods: Visa/Mastercard/Cash

Any additional charges incurred after check-in must be paid in full at the time of being incurred.

All prices are in Australian Dollars (inc GST). A 2.5% transaction fee will be charged for all credit card transactions.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of $30 applies in every instance to all cancelled confirmed bookings.

Where a guest opts to hold funds from a cancelled booking in credit i.e. voucher (to be used within 12 months) rather than being refunded, the cancellation fee will be waived.

7 Days + Notice: Refund of monies paid (less administration fee of $30)

Within 7 days from arrival date: No refund of monies paid.

## Easter/ Long Weekend/School Holidays 30 day Policy

Cancellations made greater than 30 days prior to arrival will receive a full refund, less our standard $30 cancellation fee.

If cancelled less than 30 days prior to arrival, you will forfeit all monies paid.

• Minimum 3 nights stay during Easter and minimum 2 nights stay during Long Weekends

Refund Conditions: Providing the necessary notice has been given and you are able to receive a refund, in the original method that it was paid in.

Important: All bookings have the above cancellation conditions.

## Changing Dates of Stay:

Date changes are permitted providing 14 days’ notice is given, however a booking can only be changed once from the original booking dates.

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