Machiya Maya Gion

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Entire Inn Standard

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Kyoto Garden Suite Direct Rate

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Temple Garden View Suite Direct Rate

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Property Information

Machiya Maya Gion
562-11 Komatsu-Cho
Higashiyama-Ku Kyoto-shi 605-0811 Japan

In the heart of the geisha district on a quiet backstreet next door to a 1,000 year old buddhist temple in Kyoto's best tourist location lies this one-of-a-kind machiya that recently underwent a ground up restoration/renovation to combine its beautifully crafted traditional Japanese features with luxurious modern western facilities.

Bright throughout with Kyoto garden, tatami room, western bedroom, luxurious bathroom, separate soaking tub rooms, separate toilet rooms, fully stocked modern kitchenette, floor heating, wall heat, AC. ultra high speed wi-fi.

Property Features

  1. Broadband Internet Access
  2. Guest Laundry
  3. Interconnecting Rooms
  4. Fresh linen supplied
  5. WiFi Internet
  6. Free WiFi
  7. Air Conditioning
  8. Kitchenette

Accommodation Details

Machiya Maya Gion

Entire Inn Standard

Entire Inn Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. 2 Queen Beds
  2. Hairdryer
  3. Large Balcony/Terrace
  4. Toaster
  5. Wireless Internet
  6. 3 Single Beds
  7. Shower - separate
  8. Tea/Coffee Making
  10. Outdoor Setting
  11. 4 Single Beds
  12. Balcony
  13. Telephone
  14. Washer and Dryer
  15. Heating
  16. Fully equipped kitchen
  17. Bath
  18. Television
  19. Dining Setting
  20. Broadband Internet Access
  21. Air-conditioning
  22. Cable/Satellite TV
  23. Linen and Towels Provided
  24. Non-Smoking

Machiya Maya Gion

Kyoto Garden Suite Direct Rate

Kyoto Garden Suite Direct Rate Book

While this suite does not have views it is nice and bright due to it's entire length running parallel to Kennin-ji's private garden thus allowing light to enter throughout. Brightness that is further complimented by the traditional Kyoto garden courtyard separating the western bedroom from the Japanese tatami room that opens into a separate kitchen with dining space. Guests may choose to sleep in the western bedroom, or on futons in the privately enclosed tatami room.

For a floor plan, photos and details regarding your suite please refer to:

  1. Dining Setting
  2. Broadband Internet Access
  3. Telephone
  4. Queen bed
  5. Laundry Facilities
  6. Shower - separate
  7. Tea/Coffee Making
  8. Hairdryer
  9. Wireless Internet
  10. Washer and Dryer
  11. Linen and Towels Provided
  12. Cable/Satellite TV
  13. Television
  14. Fully equipped kitchen
  15. Complimentary toiletries
  16. Bath
  17. Non-Smoking
  18. Heating
  19. Air-conditioning

Machiya Maya Gion

Temple Garden View Suite Direct Rate

Temple Garden View Suite Direct Rate Book

Unlike any machiya in Kyoto, guests from this second floor suite enjoy 180 degree open views looking on to Kennin-ji temple’s private gardens from their 1) traditional Japanese tatami mat room with 20 foot wood beamed ceiling, or (2) detached balcony room containing a tatami bed and soaking tub with 15 foot floor to ceiling glass views (3) and/or private balcony. Guests may choose to sleep in their western bedroom, on futons in the main tatami room or alternatively the detached balcony room with tatami bed and soaking tub.

For a floor plan, photos and details regarding your suite please refer to:

  1. Dining Setting
  2. Stairs
  3. Hairdryer
  5. Broadband Internet Access
  6. Shower - separate
  7. Tea/Coffee Making
  8. Outdoor Setting
  9. Wireless Internet
  10. Fully equipped kitchen
  11. Balcony
  12. Cable/Satellite TV
  13. Television
  14. Room Safe
  15. Large Balcony/Terrace
  16. Linen and Towels Provided
  17. Non-Smoking
  18. Heating
  19. Air conditioned
  20. Washer and Dryer
  21. Bath
  22. Telephone
  23. Queen bed
  24. Complimentary toiletries

Terms & Conditions

Accommodation Contract - Machiya Maya Gion

Article 1. Scope of Application
1. Contracts for Accommodation and related agreements between the Machiya and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. Any particulars not provided for herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.
2. In cases where the Machiya has entered into a special contract with the Guest, insofar as such special contract does not violate laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices, notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these.
3. Unless specified the Machiya does not provide any services other than accommodation.

Article 2. Refusal of Accommodation Contracts
The Machiya may refuse to provide accommodation in the following cases:
1. When the accommodation requests not conform with these provisions.
3. When the person seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct yourself in a manner that will contravene the laws or the maintenance of public peace and order in regard to accommodation.
4. When the person seeking accommodation can be clearly detected as carrying an infective disease.
5. When the Machiya is requested to assume an unreasonable burden in regard to the Guest's accommodation.
6. When this Machiya is incapable of providing accommodation due to natural calamities, damage to its facilities and or other unavoidable causes.
7. When a person requesting Machiya accommodations is obviously intoxicated and could cause annoyance to other guests or when a person is behaving in such a manner as to be an annoyance to other guests.
8. When the Guest carrying dangerous goods such as oil stoves and harmful items to human bodies.
9. When the Guest have received the application listed in Article 11 in the past.

Article 3. Application for Accommodation Contracts
The Guest who intends to make an application for an Accommodation Contract with the Machiya shall notify the Machiya of the following particulars:
1. Name, sex, nationality, address, telephone number, of the Guest.
2. Date of accommodation, estimated time of arrival, company name of the Guest, and name and contact number of the person making the reservation.
3. Other particulars deemed necessary by this Machiya.
In the case when the Guest requests, extension for the accommodation beyond the date in subparagraph 2 of the preceding Paragraph during his of her stay, it shall be regarded as an application for a new Accommodation Contract only if there is no reservation placed on the room, and the Machiya has approved the Guest's application, and deposit for the extended stay has been paid.

Article 4. Conclusion of Accommodation Contract and related agreement
1. A Contract for Accommodation shall be deemed to have been concluded when the Machiya has duly accepted the application as stipulated in the Article 3, and has confirmed the payment of application fee (equal in amount to accommodation deposit) by the date specified by the Machiya (within 7 days after the application has been made, excluding bank holidays). However, the same shall not apply when it has been proved that the Machiya has not accepted the application. The person making the application is responsible for paying relevant bank transfer fees.
2. The deposit shall be first used for the Total Accommodation Charges to be paid by the Guest, then secondly for the cancellation charges under Article 5 as applicable, and the remainder, if any, shall be refunded at the time of the payment of the Accommodation Charges.
3. When the Guest has failed to pay the application fee by the date as stipulated in the preceding paragraph, the Machiya shall treat the Accommodation Contract as invalid.

Article 5. Cancellation of Reservation
In cases where the guest has cancelled the Accommodation Reservation in whole or in part, the Guest shall pay cancellation charges as listed in the cancellation charge table.
1. In the case when the Guest does not appear on the accommodation date without an advance notice, the Machiya may regard the Accommodation Contract as being cancelled by the Guest.
2. When the number of days contracted is shortened. No money will be refunded regardless of the number of days shortened.

Article 6. Right to Cancel Accommodation Contracts by the Machiya
The Machiya has the right to cancel Accommodation Reservation as the following case except the other provisions are provided:
1. In cases from Article 2, paragraph 3 to paragraph 10.
2. The guest does not notify the particulars listed in the Article 3, paragraph 1 by the requested time.
3. The guest does not pay Accommodation Deposit in case of the Article 4.
In cases where the Accommodation Reservation has cancelled in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the Accommodation Deposit shall be refunded if it has already been received.

Article 7. Check-in & Check-out time
1. The time of which the Guest can check-in is 4pm to 9pm, and the Guest must leave the premises before the check-out time, which is 10am.
2. No extensions to Check-In or Check-out Time are permitted unless approved in advance.

Article 8. Payment of Accommodation Charges
Accommodation charges shall be paid by the date specified by the Machiya. Accommodation charges shall be paid even if the guest voluntarily does not utilize the accommodation facilities once such facilities have been made available to him / her by the Machiya.

Article 9. Observance of House Regulations
The Guest shall observe the House Regulation established by the Machiya, which are posted within the premises of the Machiya.

Article 10. Refusal of Accommodation Contracts
In cases of following situation, the Machiya shall have the right to cancel Accommodation Contracts even if the Machiya has once accepted the Guest.
1. In cases from Article 2, paragraph 3 to 10
2. In cases where the Guest bring visitors into the room
3. In cases where the Guest violates the House Regulations listed in the preceding article.
4. When the Guest does not observe the rules prohibiting certain actions specified under the House Regulations stipulated by the Machiya, such as smoking in bed, and mischief to the fire fighting facilities.

Article 11. Liabilities of the Machiya
1. The responsibility of this Machiya concerning accommodation starts from the time the guest is registered at the front desk or when the Guest enters his or her room, whichever was earlier, and terminated at the time the Guest leaves his or her room to depart.
2. When the guest can no longer be accommodated due to reasons for which this Machiya is responsible, the Machiya shall arrange to secure accommodation of the same or similar standard for the guest at facilities elsewhere, accept cases of natural calamities and other causes making its observance difficult.In such a case,there shall be no charge to the guest for the accommodation at this Machiya for the day.
3. In case of paragraph 2 described above, the Machiya cannot be responsible for compensation greater than the amount of accommodation charge.
4. The Machiya does not provide any services other than accommodation.

Article 12. Handling of Deposited Articles
1. The Machiya does not handle or keep deposited articles.
2. The Machiya shall not be liable for The Machiya for the loss or destruction of the possessions of Guests, including cash and other valuables, unless there was willful or gross negligence by the Machiya or any of its employees.

Article 13. Custody of Baggage and Belongings of the Guest
1. The Machiya cannot accept and keep the Guest's baggage and belongings prior to arrival.
2. When the Guest checks out leaving belongings or bags behind, the Machiya will try to identify the owner, and contact him / her to ask for instructions. If no instructions from the owner are received or if the owner is not identifiable, the items will be kept for 7 days (including the day they were discovered), then turned over to the nearest police station.

Article 14. Parking Space
The Machiya does not have parking space for the Guests.

Article 15. Liabilities of the Guest
The Guest shall compensate the Machiya for any damage caused intentionally or through negligence on the part of the Guest.

Article 16. Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws
Litigation arising from the Terms & Conditions for Accommodation contract will be resolved in Kyoto District Court or Kyoto Summary Court in the jurisdiction of the Machiya and in accordance with Japanese law.

House Regulations - Machiya Maya Gion
To ensure comfort and safety of the Machiya, we ask the Guests to abide the following house rules according to Article 11 of Machiya Maya Gion's Terms and Conditions:
1. Use of firearms that causes fire in the Machiya's premises is forbidden.
2. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Machiya.
3. The Machiya is a wooden building situated in general residential area, thus refrain from making loud noises or any other disgusting behaviour that would cause annoyance for the neighbors in the surrounding area.
4. To carry the following into the the Machiya premises
1. Animals and birds
2. Items that emit foul odour
3. Items of great quantity
4. Volatile or ignitable items such as explosives and gasoline.
5. Firearms and weapons that are not legally approved.
6. Marijuana, amphetamines
5. Refrain from gambling and behaving in any demoralizing manner in the Machiya.
Do not bring visitors into the room, and do not move, change or take out facilities and furnitures in the premises, or use them for purposes other than the original object
6. Do not fix other items to the buildings and facilities in the premises, or move them to other places.
7. Use of bath by those intoxicated is strictly forbidden.

Payment Policy

* The balance or final payment is due 30 days prior to check-in. If no payment is received, the reservation is cancelled.

* There is no fee for the initial house cleaning. The house is completely cleaned at our expense after you check out.

Cancellation Policy

You will be charged the cost of the first night if you cancel your booking less than 21 days before check-in.
If you don’t show up you will be charged the total price of the reservation.

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