One Lazy Sunday

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Bell Tent Standard Rate

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Airstream Brunswick River Package

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Property Information

One Lazy Sunday
Styled Escapes
BYRON BAY NSW 2481 Australia

One Lazy Sunday is an Airstream hotel. It provides everything you need for a luxury getaway. It makes organising a weekend adventure, simple.
How we are different to other hotels? We take the accommodation to your desired location. Wedding, restaurant, beach, private property, camping ground, national park.
You choose, we deliver.

Our primary accommodation are new model Airstream Caravans however, we also have bell tents available for additional guests.
Our concept is to provide these luxury escapes using all quality products and sell all of the products we use to style our camping escapes, in an online store.
Products we stock include everything from bed linen to cutlery, rugs, blankets, crockery, beach towels etc.

Enjoy the ride! The team at One Lazy Sunday.

Property Features

  1. Non-Smoking Rooms
  2. Fresh linen supplied
  3. Non-Smoking Property
  4. Free Parking
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. Full Kitchen

Accommodation Details

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Bell Tent Standard Rate Book

Our luxe bell tents can be set up to cater for additional guests alongside the Airstream or separately as a stand alone set up.

The bedding configuration can be up to three spacious single beds or a king bed for couples. The bell tent is styled with Pony Rider bedding and cushions, Barebones camp lantern and towels are also supplied.

A small deck is set up at the entrance with two matching cedar chairs.

Bell tent accommodation comes with Esky, Brookfarm goodies, Bahen & Co chocolate and camp wares.

Standard rates are not inclusive of site/location fees.

  1. Non-Smoking
  2. 3 Single Beds
  3. Bathrobe on Request
  4. King / 2 single beds
  5. Linen and Towels Provided
  6. Outdoor Setting

One Lazy Sunday

Airstream Brunswick River Package

Airstream Brunswick River Package Book

One Lazy Sunday's Airstreams are a self contained space with bedroom, kitchen, dining and your own bathroom and hot water shower.

We provide all of the added luxuries of a 5 Star Hotel, Aesop toiletries, Luxury Cultiver Bed Linen, Stylish bath and beach towels and on trend ceramics, cutlery and glassware. Coffee and organic tea are also supplied.

Because we’re bringing you closer to nature, we supply all of the creature comforts to make your stay more comfortable. Outdoor chairs, a stylish camp light and blankets for the cooler nights whilst you’re outside in the evenings under the stars. Our escapes also come with a comfortable Armadillo & Co Outdoor rug so you can spread the cushions outside and relax on a balmy evening as well as keeping your feet clean, even in the rugged outdoors.

Includes site/location fees.

Children must be aged 16 or above for this location.

  1. Non-Smoking
  2. Room Service
  3. Bathrobes Provided
  4. Television
  5. Complimentary toiletries
  6. Outdoor Setting
  7. Air-conditioning
  8. Kitchen
  9. Laundry Service
  10. Linen and Towels Provided
  11. Queen bed
  12. Heating
  13. Tea/Coffee Making

Terms & Conditions

Please find following, the terms and conditions of staying with One Lazy Sunday.


Additional charges may apply to locations where the Airstream has to be transported more than 25kms. Charges are left to the discretion of One Lazy Sunday. Locations must be easily accessed by 2WD vehicles.

House Rules

One Lazy Sunday's Airstreams have a strict no smoking policy. We also respect the needs of others and request that all rules and regulations be followed at the site where the Airstream has been booked. Sites could include National/State Parks, Wedding venues, Caravan Parks etc. Failure to comply, may result in immediate termination without refund and/or incur additional charges.

Conditions of Accommodation

All registered guests will be liable for any loss or damage to the appliances, furniture, keys, fixtures & fittings inside and outside the Airstream. On departure, accommodation should be left in a generally clean and orderly state. A fee may be charged if excessive cleaning is required. Strictly no cleaning of fish or other seafood is allowed in the Airstream. Cleaning charges will apply to these breaches. Pets and smoking are not permitted in and around the Airstream.


Please abide by all warning labels on caravan.

The Airstreams are fitted with gas, electrical services and a petrol generator (if required), so you need to read and understand this guide. Take care when operating all systems, do not smoke in or near the Airstream or near the generator. If you do not understand the basic functions described here or you suspect a failure then please contact us.

The Airstreams are fitted with a fire blanket and fire extinguisher located at the main door entrance. There are also smoke and gas alarms fitted to the Airstreams, so if either of these should alarm, ensure you evacuate the caravan safely. If you intend to leave the airstream for a period of time, please ensure the heater, lights and cooktop are all switched off.


Always have the ceiling vents open whilst using the kitchen stove. The two gas bottles are located at the front of the van. We ensure the gas is turned on before you arrive however, should the gas bottle run out during your stay, we ask that you turn off the empty gas bottle and turn the switch over to the second gas bottle before turning on the full gas bottle. It may take some time for the gas to come through the line.


The aluminium finish on the Airstream damages very easily. Please do not touch the exterior unnecessarily or lean anything up against the van.

To open the door from the inside, gently lift the door handle in an upward direction.

We ask that you kindly remove your shoes before entering the Airstream or the bell tent.


Please do not erect the awning if you have not yet been shown how to do so by a member of the One Lazy Sunday Team. Awning should not be erected in windy conditions and should always be pulled down when guests leave the Airstream.


If you have requested the BBQ, please do not cook with the BBQ within 2 metres of the caravan.


The caravan will be connected to mains power when parked at a Caravan Park.

When camping off-grid, the Airstream will be running on batteries and solar panels and a generator if required.


The heating/cooling system only works when hooked up to mains power or a generator.


If the generator is booked for use, it will be supplied with sufficient fuel and connected to the Airstream. Select what you wish to use while it is on as it won't power everything at the same time. The generator can be used to recharge batteries and power the hair dryer.


The refrigerator will be set to auto which means if the Airstream is hooked up to mains power, it will run off 240 volts and if you're off-grid, it will be running off batteries or gas.


We provide mains water supply where possible however the alternative water supply is from the Airstream water tank. A switch in the bathroom pressurises the Airstream plumbing system when mains water is not available. The Airstream water tank holds 150 litres of water. So when you're off-grid, we suggest limiting the duration of your showers and turning the shower head off whilst lathering up with soap or shampoo, only turning it on to rinse off. We also suggest limiting the water used to wash dishes.

To give you an idea of water use, a 5 minute shower uses 45-75 litres of water, depending on your shower head. So if you're off-grid and you have 150 litres of water to use, we suggest you use it wisely.

There is some drinking grade portable water containers beneath the bed, along with a funnel, should you need to top up the tank. The tank is the 'potable water' outlet on the back side of the caravan.

When parked at a caravan park, you are hooked up to mains water and the waste water runs down the drain (we hook this up for you), so you're not as limited with your water use.


The hot water service switch is in on the ensuite wall. The hot water takes approximately 20 minutes to warm up and is limited. Please be mindful of water usage and keep showers shorter than normal.


Please be mindful of only putting into the toilet, items that are biodegradable, such as toilet paper.

To flush the toilet, step on the pedal beside the base of the toilet. Holding it half way down runs water into the bowl, while holding it all the way to the floor will flush the toilet. Should the water/flush continue to flow, there is a white lever behind the toilet on the left hand side. Turn this horizontally in the event of the water not switching off automatically. You will need to turn this back on once the water has stopped flowing. Please contact us if this continues to be an issue.

TV/DVD player

Whilst we have a flatscreen TV, there may not always be access to television reception, so if you're wanting to use the television, we suggest packing a DVD or two or a HDMI cable to connect a hard drive to the TV. Using the TV will drain the batteries when not connected to mains power so we suggest limiting it's use when off-grid.

Payment Policy

Rates are exclusive of site fees or costs incurred at requested location (unless specified).

Rates are current as at January 2019 but may be subject to change at any time without notice.

A deposit or full payment is required at time of booking. Deposit is 50% of total booking. Full payment is due 7 days prior to arrival.

One Lazy Sunday requires a valid Credit Card for security on all bookings.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation must be made to us directly. Deposits can be refunded if the cancellation is more than 30 days before the arrival date.

Cancellations within the 30 days of the arrival date may result in loss of deposit. A cancellation fee applies of 100% of your booking tariff for all cancellations within 7 days.

Failure to arrive on the reserved booking date will be ineligible for a refund.

Peak period: We require 50% of the tariff at the time of booking with full payment due 30 days prior to arrival. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to arrival will result in loss of deposit.

Gift cards: There is no refund on gift cards

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