Splendour in the Grass

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Property Information

Splendour in the Grass
North Byron Parklands
126 Tweed Valley Way
YELGUN NSW 2481 Australia

Artist and Guest Camping

Accommodation Details

Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to approval by Splendour in the Grass Management.
If the below T&Cs are not met by all booking members, the request will be cancelled and a refund issued (if before 1 July 2023).

• Please check your booking before payment is processed.
• Payments are made via PayPal and each transaction will incur a non-refundable PayPal processing fee.
• Location Maps and check-in details will be emailed out prior to the event to the email address supplied within the booking.
• Please ensure all booking members have this information before they arrive on site.

Strictly within gate hours

Wednesday 19 July 0700 – 2200
Thursday 20 July 0700 – 2200
Friday 21 July 0700 - 2200
Saturday 22 July 0800 - 2000
Sunday 23 July 0800 - 2000

Please ensure:
All check-ins are within these time.
You present to the appropriate check-in location for your accommodation (ARTIST OR GUEST) when you arrive.
All booking members have all necessary details including maps, vehicle passes, and tickets.


All persons staying in ARTIST accommodation options must have LAMINATE Accreditation to access the ARTIST camping area.

All persons staying in GUEST accommodation options must have GOLD PASS accreditation as a minimum.
Artists with Laminate Accreditation that wish to stay with Guests in the GUEST campground will have access to do so, provided the correct accommodation has been booked.

Any discrepancies may result in the cancellation of your booking. Please ensure you have the correct accreditation or make contact if you require changes to be made.


All vehicles entering the festival site must have the correct vehicle pass. Restrictions apply to everyone, we encourage you to carpool.

Vehicle Parking on-site is limited and not guaranteed, and is on a REQUEST/APPROVAL basis. Vehicles will ONLY be allowed in the ARTIST CAMPING AREA for drop-off and setup. Vehicles will be required to be moved to an allocated Parking AREA that won’t be within close proximity to your tent. There is no parking in the Artist Camping area (BYO CAMPERS accepted).

Vehicle Parking on-site is limited and not guaranteed, and is on a REQUEST/APPROVAL basis.


Payment Policy:
Full payment must be made at the time of booking to be confirmed.

Cancellation Policy:
A cancellation fee of 100% applies for cancellations made after 1 July 2023 and no-shows.

If you have any questions regarding this booking please do not hesitate to contact:

Rhian Bosco
Splendour Accommodation Manager

Thank you for your booking and have a great time at Splendour 2023!

Payment Policy

Full payment must be made at the time of booking. Your booking will not be confirmed without 100% payment.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of 100% applies for any/all cancellations made after the 1 July 2023.

No shows will incur the 100% non-refundable amount.

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