Tiara Desaru Seaview Residence

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Executive (Tiara Web)

Book RM550 390 390 390 390 450 450 390 390 390 390 390 450 450 390

Studio (Tiara)

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Super Family (TiaraWeb)

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Studio (Booking-Room Only)

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Super Family (Booking -Breakfast)

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Super Family (Expedia - Breakfast)

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Studio (Expedia - Breakfast)

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Property Information

Tiara Desaru Seaview Residence
+6012 619 4522
PTD 1588, Jalan Tanjung Lompat, Desaru
Penawar Johor 81930 Malaysia

Tiara Desaru Seaview Residence is a Seafront Property located on the south east coast of Johor. Nestled on 10 acres of Desaru prime land, this property consists of 579 units of fully furnished apartments, most of which are open for sale to the public at an unbelievable value for money price.

Property Features

  1. Non-Smoking Rooms
  2. Cafe
  3. Wheel Chair Access
  4. Free Parking
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. Shared Bathroom Facilities
  7. WIFI (additional Cost)
  8. BBQ Area
  9. Free WiFi
  10. Tennis Court
  11. WiFi Internet
  12. Hairdresser
  13. Outdoor Swimming Pool
  14. Lift / Elevator
  15. Non-Smoking Property
  16. Iron/Ironing Board
  17. Gym

Accommodation Details

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Executive (Tiara Web) Book

  1. Non-Smoking
  2. Air-conditioning
  3. Television
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Studio (Tiara) Book

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Super Family (TiaraWeb) Book

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Studio (Booking-Room Only) Book

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Super Family (Booking -Breakfast) Book

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Super Family (Expedia - Breakfast) Book

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Studio (Expedia - Breakfast) Book

Terms & Conditions

The room needs to be the same condition as check-in, otherwise, Tiara Management reserve the right to will charge a cleaning replacement fee of RM200 upon check-out, or if found stains on towels, bed sheets and curtains. An additional RM200 cleaning fee will be charged for cooking in apartments and we reserved the right to charge the cleaning fee.

I have acknowledged the conditions above and hereby confirm my compliance of the terms and conditions stated in the agreement.

IMPORTANT : Any valuebles brought to Tiara Desaru are at the guest's sole risk. Tiara Desaru shall not be liable for any loss or damage. Guests are personally are liable for all costs and charges incurred in the event that any such costs and charges are not paid in full and confirm that responsibility and liability in that regard is not waived or released in any way. Guest information shall be used in administrative and marketing purposes and shall not be disclosed to third party. By signing this form, we clearly understood the conditions as stated above and acknowledge that the check-in time is at 3pm, check-out time is at 12 noon.

Payment Policy

Payment by Cash or Credit Card.

Tiara Desaru reserves the right to charge a deposit, where applicable, on confirmation of a reservation. If the payment are not complied with, we hold the right to cancel the booking without liability and retain the deposit.

Tiara Desaru reserves the right to change, modify and adjust the rates with or without prior notice. The rates are governed and subjected by terms and conditions stipulated by individual resort.

The property reserves the right to charge an early departure fee in the event a guest departs earlier than the original departure date.

The property reserves the right to charge additional fees for late departure and is based on request. Please contact the Front Office.

Offers and promotions are subject to specific terms, conditions and restrictions listed on the site. We reserve the right to modify or alter any program, offer or promotion at any time.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be completed 48 hours prior to arrival.

You agree that you may only make reservations for yourself and your invited guests, and you must not make reservations for the purpose of reselling, posting, advertising or marketing reservation information through third-party websites or other means, or any false, fraudulent or speculative reservations.

Change of guest name of any reservation is not allowed unless there are any special circumstances deemed acceptable by the relevant hotel in its absolute discretion. The hotel has the right to reject any guest from checking-in if the guest name is different from the name as stated on the reservation.

In the event that the resort, for reasons beyond its control, need to reject or change a confirmed reservations it will use all reasonable attempt to facilitate the circumstances however if no alternative is provided to the Client, the resort will return any deposit made and considered it cancelled. This is the limit of the resort’s liability.

The resort reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee of per room per night in the event of a late cancellation notice or a no-show at the resort.

Tiara Desaru does not guarantee acknowledgement of reservations or transactions made on this site arising from unforeseen circumstances, omissions or errors that may sometimes occur.

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