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Two Bed Room Apartelle

Fotos Details
Buchen 8.900 P Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft 9,200 9,200 Verkauft 9,200 9,200 9,200 9,200 Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft

Bachelor’s Pad

Fotos Details
Buchen 6.050 P Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft 6,200 6,200 Verkauft Verkauft 6,200 6,200 6,200 Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft

Suite Room

Fotos Details
Buchen 5.400 P Verkauft 5,700 5,700 Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft Verkauft 5,700 5,700 5,700 5,700 5,700 Verkauft Verkauft

Deluxe Room

Fotos Details
Buchen 4.400 P 4,700 Verkauft 4,700 Verkauft 4,700 Verkauft Verkauft 4,700 4,700 4,700 4,700 4,700 4,700 4,700

Standard Room

Fotos Details
Buchen 3.400 P Verkauft Verkauft 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700

Function - 4th Floor Convention

Fotos Details
Buchen 10.000 P 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
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Informationen zur Unterkunft

Boracay Holiday Resort
Station 2, Corner Tirol Roads
Manggayad Balabag, Boracay Island
Malay Aklan 5608 Philippinen

It first opened its doors in December 2006 on the pristine shores of Boracay Island. Today, Boracay Holiday Resort tagged as “Your Haven away from Home”. Owned and managed by Boracay Holiday Resort Corp. Boracay Holiday Resort is situated in the heart of the Boracay’s Boat Station 2, the hotel is mere minutes from the famous White Beach, and 20 minutes away from the port. Getting to key attractions such as Willy’s Rock and other tourist destination is easy since the hotel is located right on the corner of the main road.

From its architectural design of homey concept that redefined yourselves away from home yet at your own home place will feel your solemnity, comfort and new experience of pleasure and fun.

Boracay Holiday Resort is committed to promote and to hold the real concept and meaning of service on its peak, preparatory on your first glance upon arrival till the day of your leaving, you will experience an utmost and an equal service that Boracay Holiday Resort has to offer.

Boracay Holiday Resort offers minimalist designs carefully translated into its 68 air-conditioned rooms and suites, which include 22 Standard Rooms, 24 Deluxe Rooms, 9 Suites, 5 Bachelors Pads, and 7 Apartelle Rooms.

Facilities and Services
A tropical holiday experience whether they choose to revel at the beach or enjoy the hotel’s facilities. From tasting scrumptious food and taking a relaxing dip at the pool to prompt transfer assistance and room service, we have you covered.

- Island Excitement
- Restaurant, bar, and cafe
- Swimming pool
- Water sports that include jet ski, banana boat rides, wakeboarding, parasailing
- Gym
- Tour assistance to Bolabog Beach, Yapak Beach, Mount Luho, Bat Cave, horseback riding, helicopter adventure
- Hassle-Free Stay
- Wi-Fi Internet access
- Function hall
- Airport transfer
- Room service
- Laundry service
- Wake-up call

Our Commitment.
In providing exceptional service into its finest, Boracay Holiday Resort is committed to pursuit exceptional service on its own way.

To establish an exceptional hotel with its well-versed people committed in promoting excellent services through good leadership which go beyond customers, guest and employees' expectations.

To provide vacationers and guest from different parts of the worlds a wholesome and memorable stay while here at the paradise island.

Core Values:
1. Service. We must continue to do better than anyone else that will help us capture value minded customers.
2. Hospitality. Going that extra mile to make the guest happy and comfortable during their stay at our hotel should come naturally from everyone who works for us.
3. Loyalty. All-out commitment to the company’s corporate objectives and being totally involved in its varied business activity.
4. Integrity. Manifested by setting up as a good example in performing one's job in the company.
5. Commitment. An employee’s pledge to follow all the guidelines the company has set.

Ausstattungsmerkmale der Unterkunft

  1. 24 -Stunden-Rezeption
  2. WiFi Internet
  3. Lift / Elevator
  4. Garden
  5. Outdoor Swimming Pool
  6. On Site Restaurant
  7. Gym
  8. Iron/Ironing Board
  9. Bar / Lounge
  10. Free WiFi
  11. Air-Conditioning
  12. TV
  13. Conference Facilities
  14. Concierge
  15. Bar/Lounge

Angaben zur Unterkunft

Boracay Holiday Resort

Two Bed Room Apartelle

Two Bed Room Apartelle Buchen

- 2 separate bedrooms with individual bathrooms. Both bedrooms are fully air-conditioned, with hot & cold shower, cable TV, and a telephone.
- Can accommodate 6 persons.
- With 2 queen sized beds and 2 single beds.

  • Platz für 6

Boracay Holiday Resort

Bachelor’s Pad

Bachelor’s Pad Buchen

- A large fully air-conditioned room, with cable TV, hot and cold shower, mini-refrigerator, and a telephone.
- Can accommodate 4 persons.
- With 2 queen sized beds.

  • Platz für 4

Boracay Holiday Resort

Suite Room

Suite Room Buchen

A large fully air-conditioned room, with cable TV, hot and cold shower, mini-refrigerator, and a telephone.
Comes with a small living area.
Can accommodate 4 persons.
With 2 queen sized beds.

  • Platz für 2

Boracay Holiday Resort

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room Buchen

A fully air-conditioned room, with cable TV, hot and cold shower, mini-refrigerator, and a telephone.
Can accommodate 3 persons.
With 1 queen sized bed and 1 single bed.

  • Platz für 3

Boracay Holiday Resort

Standard Room

Standard Room Buchen

A fully air-conditioned room, with cable TV, hot and cold shower, mini-refrigerator, and a telephone.
Can accommodate 2 persons.
With 1 Queen Size Bed or 2 Single Beds ( Please request the type of bed at the hotel).

  • Platz für 2

Boracay Holiday Resort

Function - 4th Floor Convention

Function - 4th Floor Convention Buchen

Standard rates for this room

  • Platz für 300

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

- Boracay Holiday Resort standard check in time is 3:00 PM and check out time is 12:00 noon. The hotel allow early check in and late check out, provided if the room is available prior to your arrival and departure time.
- Strictly no smoking inside the guest rooms. Charge Php 2,000.00
- Room service is available from 8am until 4pm only.
- One key room is given upon check in. Request for open door is available every time.
- Room key must be surrendered to the front desk upon settling your bills. Lost key card will be charged Php1,300.00.
- All payments shall be made through cash or acceptable credit cards.
- Water sports activities should be arranged a day before at our activities arrangement officer.
- Make up room is schedule 8:00 – 4:00 pm, kindly please notify front desk for scheduled, once no notification coming from your end shall means no make-up room for the day. Housekeeping request is open 24 hours.
- We have separate towels for outside used; to avail the said items kindly please present ID to the Front desk for Identification.
- Ironing and washing inside the guest room are strictly not allowed. For housekeeping and laundry services please dial 0.
- Cooking inside the guest room for Standard, deluxe and Suite Room is strictly prohibited.
- Safety deposit box is available upon request.
- Bed sheets and towel stained with henna tattoo will be charged accordingly.
- Observe silence at the guest rooms in respect to other guests.
- Overseas and long distance calls will be charged per minute. Please dial 0 for assistance.
- Swimming pool is open daily from 8am until 9pm only. Children below 12 years should be accompanied by guardian. Please observe swimming pool rules policy.
- In-house guest may receive visitors until 10pm only, as standard hotel policy, any visitor who stays beyond 10pm will be charged accordingly.
- Pets are not allowed within the hotel premises.
- The hotel will not be liable for the lost of any valuables or important belongings which are left in public areas.
- Wake up call, WIFI room access can be arranged, please dial 0 for assistance.


At least 50% deposit upon confirmation of the booking is highly needed. Remaining balance shall be collected upon check in.

1. CHECK-IN TIME IS 3:00 PM. CHECK-OUT TIME IS 12:00 NN. The resort reserves the right to refuse request for extended accommodation.

2. Additional hours of stay in the room during check-out time will be charged Php 500.00 per hour.

3. Advance payment is required upon check-in of guest. Intension to extend accommodation must be relayed to Front Desk and payment should be made on or before 12:00 NN of the initial check-out date. THE NO PAYMENT/NO EXTENSION policy is strictly implemented by the Management which is empowered to enter, padlock, disgust continue general utilities and take full control and possession of properties as security for payment obligation.

4. Cancellation fee of 100% on the walk-in or pre-registered guest based on published rate will be charged.

5. Any resort property that is damaged made by guest will be charged accordingly.

6. You will be provided with keys to your room. If the keys are lost or stolen, you must notify the Front Desk immediately of the loss so the Management can replace the locks for your own safety. You will be charged for the cost of lock replacement.

7. Bed sheets, pillow cases and any other fabric stained like HENNA TATTOOS and others, which could not be removed, will be properly charged.

8. Visitors would not be allowed to enter the guest room beyond 10:00 PM.

9. The management will not be held liable for anything left or lost by the guest through theft, fire or whatever causes beyond Management control.

10. CLEANING OF THE ROOM is done by housekeeping staff everyday between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM UPON GUEST REQUEST. Management has the right to inspect guest room/s whenever necessary.

11. POOL opens from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. GYM operates at 08:00 AM to 8:00 PM, just fill-up the Gym Waiver and wear Shoes for safety purposes.

12. No pets allowed.

13. JOINERS are allowed but shall present a valid ID for hotel/resort reference.

14. BREAKFAST will be served from 6:00 AM to 09:30 AM at the dining area.


16. CORKAGE FEE for Beer is Php 50.00/bottle and Liquors is Php 200/bottle.

17. ALL SPECIAL REQUEST are subject for availability upon check-in.


Prior to Arrival Penalty / Fee
31 Days & above Php 1,200.00 / Room / Night
30 - 16 Days 50% of Average per Room / Night
15 - 8 Days 60% of Full Room Charge
7 - 0 Days / NO SHOW Full Room Charge (Non-Refundable)

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